Roulette systems

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Try to remember any name of the game that is associated with the casino – we are almost sure that the first thing that will fall into your mind is the roulette.
In fact, roulette is a fairly simple game. But you should still understand its basic rules, components and variations.

There are two basic rules that can affect your roulette winnings.
The first is the number of “zero”. In most cases, one or two. But there are games in which there are more. The second is the half rate refund rule (“En Prison”). A player loses only half of his or her bet when a “0” or “00” rolls out. In European roulette, as a rule, there is only one sector“zero”.
Interesting fact: mechanical roulettes often wear out. As a result, some numbers fall on them most often, which fraudsters or simply attentive casino visitors like to use.

There are some popular variations of playing roulette:
The first is called “Berlin”. All bets on hitting the ball on “Zero” are frozen. As a rule, the bet is left for the next spin, after which either returns to the player without profit, if the spin was “winning”, or loses, even if it includes zero.
The advantage of gambling establishments is 1.39%.
The next variation is called “Holland”.This variation is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that if “zero” falls twice, then the bet is frozen for two spins. To return the bet, both spins must be winning for the player. If zero drops out again – the player lost. The advantage of a gambling establishment is 1.37%.

Nowadays there are a lot of popular and innovative variants and systems of roulette game, but you just have to choose which one to use.Which one will became the most comfortable and profitable for you.

But choosing the system is a deal of practice.And if you are an online-player and now your main task is to find a reliable source of gambling games – then here is a solution :
Play and enjoy!