Avoidance List

Coursework Avoidance List

It is worth starting a coursework  with a search for material for it. Materials taken from the Internet, too, must be indicated in the list of literature. But here it is not enough just to specify the address of the site, you need to specify the full address on which you can find this or that material. Avoid “downloading” of…

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Laboratory work

What is useful for laboratory work?

As everybody knows, students often do not particularly bother to visit all classes. Walks are quite common. In this case, if the lecture can still continue without special consequences for itself (well, if you do not take into account the missed material, which most likely will have to be restored independently), then with the laboratory work things are different. Here,…

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What is laboratory work

Laboratory work: what it is

Many people, after words such laboratory work, immediately remember about biology, physics and chemistry, because it is in these subjects, often in schools, students conduct such practical. In fact, laboratory work is carried out by students not only schools, but also universities. A lot of people try to get away from this by using the services to write essays and…

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Organization of laboratory work

The main purpose of laboratory works is to study certain physical, chemical processes, their regularities, and to obtain reliable results. This can be achieved only under special conditions in a specially designated room, in other words, in the laboratory. You can carry out these experiments in accordance with the possibilities, since not all educational institutions have the necessary equipment. But…

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Preparation and workflow

Preparation and workflow algorithm

The first step in preparing for the performance of laboratory work is acquaintance with theoretical knowledge. To do this, the teacher informs in advance about the upcoming assignment and gives a chance to teach the material, close the gaps in knowledge. If the student, in his opinion, is not sufficiently trained, the teacher has the full right not to allow…

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